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Our Business is Developing.

Sturgis Holding AS is a privately owned holding company focused on building cutting-edge technology businesses and stewarding them with values-driven leadership.


Introducing Sturgis Holding  AS, a firm focused on identifying promising new technology for traditional industries. Our team looks for industries that develop the latest innovations and emerging trends, ensuring our portfolio companies are at the forefront of industrial change. From software and hardware to AI, we are dedicated to supporting the growth and success of the companies we invest in. 

Welcome to Sturgis Holding AS

Birger S. Bekkevold

Birger is a seasoned CEO and business development expert with decades of experience across multiple industries. His extensive knowledge on creating efficient business systems has been honed through his diverse career. From law enforcement, online gaming, and transportation, Birger is dedicated to building successful businesses. His early career in logistics during war zones has equipped him with unique skills in cross-cultural business operations in high-stress environments.

Our Philosophy

Our Companies

We focus on companies that are bringing new tools to established sectors in need of innovation.

The Why

We do not feel re-inventing the wheel brings success. Maybe just improving the wheel is all we need. New cutting edge technology can't always find a home in the markets no matter how amazing. We take a grounded approach and see what can improve an existing industry.

The How

Slow and steady wins the race. We will acquire as we see potential. We do not need to add X amount of companies per year. And like good stewards, our focus is on success, not speed.


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